Introducing our Bronze Selection!



Necklaces and


Our Bronze Necklace and Earring range are the more affordable version of our silver jewellery. Made using reclaimed bronze, these necklaces look beautiful on all skin tones and with gold or silver jewellery!

Bronze Body-Normative Earrings

Bronze Body-Normative Earrings


Our Process

As you may have seen, we originally released our Necklaces and Jewellery made out of our 100% Recycled EcoSilver material. But we were vary aware that this material could be more unaffordable for some, who still want to own a Trippy Tuesday body pendant. So we looked to finding a solution... and we found it with Bronze!


The making process itself is very similar to Silver. Melting the metal, casting it into the mould, cleaning, scrubbing and filling the metal to get the finished look!

This reclaimed bronze is the perfect alternative if you're looking for something you can wear on a night out, or during a special occasion. The nature of bronze means it will slightly tarnish over time and is therefore less suitable for everyday wear. However, we provide a cleaning cloth and instruction on how to keep your bronze pendant looking consistently 10/10!

Here they are after they've had their 'acid' bath, ready to be washed and cleaned and tumbled to turn them into the finished look you see above!

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