Bronze Body-Normative Earrings

Bronze Body-Normative Earrings


Introducing our Mix and Match Bronze Body-Normative Earings!
Our signature body shapes transformed into forever accessories!


100% Handmade by us using 100% Reclaimed Bronze.

Is there any other way to do it!?

Mix and Match the body shapes you want, to create your perfect pair of earrings! Select the combo that you want below.



    Made from reclaimed Bronze from the UK! All pendants have a laquer on them to keep them from tarnishing as easily.


    Using the same designs for our candles, we 3D-Printed even smaller versions of our body shapes and use these to cast the pendents you see for our necklaces and jewellery. Investing in some jewellery making equipment, it was Sams partner Anthony, that spent the time to learn how to make these magnificent creatures! We're really proud that we're able to bring you something that will last forever, handmade with love, care and excitement!


    Your earrings have been treated with a bronze laquer and should not tarnish immediately. However, make sure to keep an eye on your earrimgs, and when you start seeing wear, these tips will help your earrings looking fabulous again! Use the jewelry polishing cloth provided when you see tarnish show up. Try to clean your peace with hot soapy water and an old toothbrush once a month to get it back to its original state. If you take care of your pendant well, you’ll enjoy this piece for a long time to come!

    The hooks are Rose Gold material and therefore will not make your skin green.

    These earrings are not to get wet and are not as suitable for everyday wear as our Silver alternative.


    We've made sure to stock up on a good ammount of all necklaces and earrings! However, if demand increases, please expect 5 working days after you've placed your order, for your item to be shipped. 

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