Handmade by us from 100% Recycled EcoSliver.

We're so so proud to finally introduce our newest product, Body-Normative Necklaces & Earrings!


We've been working hard behind the scenes, with the help of our newest jewellery maker Anthony (Sams partner;) to turn the bodies you know and love into long lasting and permanent accessories! As always, all the necklaces are hand-made by us, from start to finish and come with a choice of a shorter or longer chain.

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Introducing our Silver Selection!

Our Silver Necklaces and Earrings range are the everyday essential! . Made using 100% Recycled EcoSilver, these necklaces are perfect for everyday wear and the perfect treat for yourself or someone special!


Necklaces and



Our Process

Our inspiration for making the jewellery came from the feedback we received from our customers (you guys)! We heard what you said about making something out of a more permanent material, and the problems with the 'headless naked women candle trend.' So, after a brainwave over the Christmas holidays, we looked into how we could make our signature body's into a more relatable, human and long lasting product. 

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WhatsApp Image 2021-05-19 at 11.35.16.jp

After brainstorming, we talked to Sam's partner - Anthony - who took it upon himself to watch a billion YouTube videos and become a skilled jeweller, seemingly overnight!! Anthony is the main creator of our necklaces and you can see him at work here

We organised a shoot and we put our necklaces on some of our friends who continue to inspire us and give a personality behind what we do. That's the pictures you see above!

Our mindset has always been 'if someone can make this, then so can we!' which is what has led us to this point. We hope you love our Jewellery as much as we do, and if you're looking for a more permanent gift for someone or yourself, you can find them to purchase below! 

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